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Moores had a very “hands on” beginning.

Over 40 years ago, June Moore was struggling to find riding jackets for her competitively minded daughter Kate to wear. There was very little available, with colour choices and styles that fitted well seeming very limited here in New Zealand. June, who had trained as a tailoress, decided to use her skills and began making Kate’s riding jackets. Very soon, she was being asked if she would make jackets for other people. This brought about the beginning of Moore’s Riding Wear. Kate took over the reins as business director and the brand has continued to evolve from Jackets to Stocks, Shirts to Waistcoats.

Over the years there have been numerous changes in the riding wear fashion stakes. However having the ‘hands on’ knowledge of a competitive family, Moores has had no trouble being able to adapt and keep pace with it all.

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